Motorhome Madness wraps up the Orange County Fair!

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You know you all want to see it! The Orange County Fair wraps ups it’s long run with the ever popular demolition derbies! We can’t take our eyes off of them as motorhome and minivans crash into each other.

There’s still a couple chances left today to catch the action. Unfortunately, if you don’t already have tickets, you’re too late! The Minivan Mash Up is set for 1 p.m., while the final Motorhome Madness Demolition at 8 p.m. is for a great cause.

Unless you have youngsters between the ages of 2 and 12, minivans suck — and even for those who have to drive them, their souls die a little each time they put the key in the ignition. Literally everyone wants to see those unsexy tin cans on wheels destroyed!

You’ll cheer as you watch the drivers take their frustrations out on this practical but reviled mode of family transportation, just like you’ve wanted to when they’ve had you boxed in and unable to see anything in traffic!

In the grand finale, first responders are pitted against each other for a new twist on demolition derby while Orange County’s favorite four-legged companions will showcase their skills as part of the OC Police Canine Association demonstration.

Featuring Local Police Departments, Fire Department Chiefs and First Responders. This event benefits a fund for injured or killed officers and their families and the OC Police Canine Association. Come out for a great cause!

Last night, the Damsels of Destruction held their own demolition derby. With former competitors like Pamela Slamderson, Crash Test Barbie and Punky Bruiser, the Damsels of Destruction all-female demolition derby roared back to the OC Fair’s Action Sports Arena for another bang-up year of smashing and crashing stock-car racing.

The goal was simple — to be the last woman standing with the last car running. This classic pedal-to-the-metal grrl power event was loud and exciting fun for the whole family and even included admission to the fair.

And the classic Orange Crush Demolition Derby, which began Thursday, wraps up the fair with a final show down 7 p.m. Sunday! Derby cars will bash and crash to be the last car running in this heated competition.

It all began Wednesday with the first Motorhome Madness. It wasn’t your typical RV road trip! Class-C motorhomes bashed and crashed into each other unlike any average demolition derby



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