‘Soriano – Artist as Mystic’ free on Fridays at Long Beach Art Museum

From June 30 through October 1, 2017 the Long Beach Art Museum (http://lbma.org/) is hosting an exhibition of Rafael Soriano’s Paintings .                          Written by Craig Lowe2017 06 30_LB museum_2415_edited-1

Cuban born (1920) Rafael Soriano painted and taught there until the Cuban revolution in 1962 when he migrated to Miami with his wife and daughter.  His middle works reflects this traumatic event.  Rafael Soriano passed in 2015 at the age of 94.2017 06 30_LB museum_2396_edited-1

Sir Rich and I had the opportunity to attend an “After Dark” event at the Museum to experience some of Senior Soriano’s works (90).


“While Soriano’s early works revealed a desire to experiment with organic and metaphysical forms, by the 1950s his artistic universe opened to concrete art. The paintings from this period are wonderful; their geometric power and the interplay of dynamic color planes work toward structuring the pictorial space” (Janet Batet).


Two floors of the Museum are devoted to the paintings.


“I do not pretend to transmit a message of reality: I am moved by the longing to travel through my paintings in a dimension of spirit where the intimate and the cosmic converge.” – Rafael Soriano


Also enjoy the rest of the Long Beach Art Museum.  The view from the patio is spectacular day or night.


Hope you have time to enjoy the showing.  The Long Beach Art Museum set on the bluff just west of Cherry Ave on Ocean Blvd.  There’s a beach below and a park adjacent that makes a great venue for a picnic.  There is a a restaurant at the Museum called Claires’s which is usually open from 8 am to 3 pm.

by Craig Lowe


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  1. Bernice Hogan says:

    Your presentations are great|! I will surely get out on a Friday to see Soriano’s art work.


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