Avoid the sticky heat for $1 with ‘Rio 2’ at Edwards Summer Movie Express


Leave it to Rio, just in time for the monsoon heat wave this week. Regal’s Summer Movie Express continues Tuesday, July 18. Check it out at Edwards Long Beach Stadium 26 & IMAX  at 7501 East Carson in Long Beach. It’s right off the 605 Freeway or Bellflower Boulevard.

This week’s films are “The Secret Life of Pets,” which is a fun movie starring my favorite birds, Tweety the parakeet. And another new favorite “Sing.” Love those little guys!

Nothing beats the humid heat like a good film in a nicely air-conditioned Cineplex with surround sound and digital projectors. The Edwards Long Beach 26 is a wonderful movie complex with plenty of free parking.

And did I mention the best part? Admission is only $1. Yes, that’s right one solitary buck! How do they even pay for the air and electricity at that rate? And part of the proceeds even go to the Will Rodgers Institute!

To be fair, there are some issues. The films start at 10 a.m. sharp! As you might expect, the kiddie movies can be quit packed full of screaming children. Many city park departments make it a weekly field trip.

But the kiddies usually quiet down for the main flick and it’s actually kinda fun to hear their oohs and ahhhs as their favorite animated characters cavort on the giant screen.

My 92-year-old mother loves these animated movies, that must be where I got it from. That and growing up with Walt Disney’s groundbreaking animated features. Who would have thought that Steamboat Willie would have built such a massive empire.

In the interest of full editorial disclosure, I will admit that I’ve already seen most of these wonderful films. So I will naturally pick and choose my favorites, but I’ll be glad to see most of them AGAIN!

Can you ever get enough of Kung Fu Panda? Ice Age Woolie Mammoths? The Penquins of Madagascar?

OK, I do get tired of Alvin and the Chipmunks, but that’s probably because my baby brothers would play their Christmas album over and over while we were growing up. AAAAAALLLLLVVVVINNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I’m not real fond of SpongeBob! But the only movie that I give thumbs down to is the Lego Batman Movie. That was really mean spirited and dumb.

Family fun movies playing on Tuesdays & Wednesdays for the summertime!

Admission to the Summer Movie Express is only $1. Tickets available for purchase at the box office and all movies start at 10 am. Each week both movies play on both days.


Both movies play on both days

Week 6

Tue. Jul 25 to Wed. Jul 26

Both movies play on both days
Week 7

Tue. Aug 1 to Wed. Aug 2

Both movies play on both days
Week 8

Tue. Aug 8 to Wed. Aug 9

Both movies play on both days
Week 9

Tue. Aug 15 to Wed. Aug 16

Both movies play on both days

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