Casa Romantica! 2.5 acres of paradise by the sea

Casa Romantical

Casa Romantica is at 415 Avenida Granada in San Clemente and is open
Tues – Thurs: 11 AM – 4 PM, Fri – Sun: 10 AM – 2 PM,  but closed on Mondays, and is only $5 admission.  It’s a nice place for a day trip down the coast.

I usually take I-5 and stop in Capistrano for a snack or lunch, maybe a little walk around the photogenic old town.

Then back on the road (south on I-5) and down to my destination.

Explore the Spanish hacienda style architecture along with the gardens.   Enjoy the views of the ocean and beach area.IMG_3112_edited-1

When you’ve seen enough you can explore San Clemente or Oceanside.  If you’re ready to head home you can always take the coastal route (hwy 1) up through Laguna.  I don’t recommend this to everyone because it can be slow but if you are into just taking your time and searching out places to explore, this might be the road for you.

I usually try to time the drive so I’m in the town of Laguna for an early dinner then enjoy the sunset drive backup the coast.

Happy Traveling, Craig


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