Doing the Dew Tour in Long Beach with T-Rex and other beasts

I’ve never been attacked by a tyrannosaurus rex before. Which seems odd, considering I recently spent a day with a whole family of them at the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum.

But there I was, staring up at a 20-foot-tall beast as he lumbered across the laboratory toward me. His, or her (I was too afraid to look for the gender), gait seemed odd, but I guess a towering giant might have the same effect.

And the massive head was truly impressive as it bent down to gnash me with it’s foot-long teeth. Talk about big canines! Sit, Spot! (I love to throw in ‘Munster’ trivia whenever I can.)

Then the world shifted and I found myself standing on a building ledge looking 10 stories down. Don’t try this if you have vertigo issues!

All thanks to the immersive virtual reality system promoted by Razer Inc. at the Dew Tour in Long Beach this weekend.  The San Francisco company specializes in computer hardware made specifically to video gamers.

Thanks to Justin and his colleagues, you can try a range of video games. Be sure to check out their new laptops. Some weighed only 3 pounds, but they’re still powerful enough to run the latest video games.

And be sure to get x-rayed! It will show your true identity. I’ve always known I was a warrior at heart! Check it out at Richpixblog.

Naturally, it’s hard to top a T-Rex, but I managed with a thrilling Apache helicopter ride over the Mideast. Sure looked like Falluga, Iraq, down below, at least they weren’t shooting at me.

Still it pays to be cautious, so we dropped down and flew a series of banking turns just to mess up a hostile’s aim. Got banged up against the canopy in a couple turns, but no pain, no gain!

Thanks Army for the simulator ride with two axis of movement. But, the computer sign in system took WAY TOO LONG! Cut me a break!

I got to the Dew Tour Friday morning before they opened the gates at 11 a.m., so there weren’t long lines for any of the exhibits. And I had a couple hours to kill before the competition began at 1 p.m.

There was plenty to do as I waited, including a skateboard video game at Mt Dew Green Label. Just climb up onto the skateboard and ride the video rails and tables as they appear on the screen. Awesome Dude! Shredding it!

And the staff from New York City couldn’t have been nicer. They even handed out great T-shirts in a goodie bag.

And be sure to pose in front of their 10-camera-system, it makes a sweeping animated photo of you from almost 180 degrees!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Talking about cameras, I fell in love with the Hasselblad True Zoom mod for the Moto Z Droid cellphone at the Motorola and Verizon stand. The guys says this is the first optical zoom made for a cellphone! Whatttttt!!!!

Shredders can capture the moment from any distance without losing resolution. Then download their photo albums faster on the next gen network with up to 50% faster peak speeds in more than 450 cities, coast to coast. Dude, with the Hasselblad True Zoom’s 10x optical zoom, the action has never seemed so close.

They’re giving away a Moto Z cellphone every day at the Dew Tour! It will come with a JBL SoundBoost Speaker! This snaps onto the phone for an instant concert experience.

Go a head and stream your favorite tunes as you ride the rails. Smack! There’s even an optional Incipio offGRID Power Pack that gets up to 22 hours of battery life.

Check out the sweet photo they made of me riding the rails at the Dew Tour. What photo magic is this, I could barely climb onto the skateboard in front of the green screen.


After all that hard work, it was time for a little R&R, so I headed over to the beer garden! Nothing like some suds to cool down after a hard day of skating.

They had a very nice picnic area set up with picnic tables and umbrellas. Grabbed a couple tasty frozen fruit bars. Coconut or pineapple? Also got some new orange shades to add to my bad boy mystique.

Green Label‘s Takeover by the Lagoon Stage drew me over to the band blasting some fine sounds. The Swedish band was really rocking out and I thought the lead singer was outstanding. FRIENDLY TOO!!!

Last night’s concert featured performances by MadeinTYO and Sonny Digital.  PLUS there was an exclusive preview of a skate documentary featuring Theotis Beasley.

A free outdoor hip hop concert featuring Metro Boomin with Cam’ron and Amine will start at 7 p.m. Saturday on the stage at Rainbow Lagoon Park. While the event is free, all concert-goers must download a ticket via the Dew Tour app presented by Moto Z Droid.

I was surprised by all the live art being painted by various artists at the Dew Tour. This included live artwork by Luke Pelletier.

But my favorite was the Art of Doing by Lightwave Studio! It’s in a giant tented exhibit next to the lagoon.

Inside, I got a found an immersive world of living art on six custom-built digital canvases. The shifting colors reflected the feelings of six of the athletes as they competed.

The first-of-its-kind art exhibition features generative, code-based artwork that visually transforms the feeling of doing – in this case, the feeling of professional athletes skateboarding and competing.

This exhibit combines two emotion tracking technologies – biofeedback measurement and facial coding – to transform both athlete and guest data throughout Dew Tour weekend into completely unique and beautiful data-driven pieces of artwork, unique to each athlete.

At the end of the art viewing experience, a custom-built skateboard wall will use the facial reactions of guests to generate a piece of art based on these reactions.

To collect the data, top skaters, including Mountain Dew athletes Sean Malto and Curren Caples, wore a high-end monitor measuring heart rate, blood volume pulse, skin temperature, electro dermal activity and motion.

The device transmitted biofeedback in real-time to Lightwave’s analytics engine. Lightwave then analyzed this data using applied neuroscience techniques, such as heart rate variability, to gain insight into the emotional intensity of the skating experience.

“The technology that Mountain Dew and Lightwave used to create ‘The Art of Doing’ at Dew Tour is incredible,” said Malto. “It’s really cool to see my emotions while skateboarding come to life visually!”

I got the chance to chat with the woman behind this modern marvel, Rana June, CEO of Lightwave.

“Lightwave’s aim is to capture the emotion of the world’s most culturally and socially significant events. This year’s Dew Tour provides an exemplary use case of our technology because we’re able to reveal deep emotional insights into the thrill of competition and visualize them in a brand-new way,” she explained.

I found the digital art installation mesmerizing. And the huge digital screen in the center actually uses the same technology to display the emotions of the viewers via video cameras set up around the exhibit. Color me red hot!!!

Dew Tour’s public skatepark is also a whole lot more impressive than last year. The skating area will also have some skateable art sculptures that’ll be donated to a Long Beach skatepark after the weekend is complete.

There are even some exclusive Father’s Day events going down on Sunday for those who need to get Pops a last-minute gift.

“There’s a lot more of a cultural component and lifestyle component added to it this year,” say Dew Tour officials. “There are also some really cool VIP and Father’s Day experiences. If you want to have a really special experience, we’re selling tickets to allow fathers and their kids to skate the actual pro course bowl with a couple of professional athletes in the morning, and then the rest of the day they get the whole VIP experience.”







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