Long Beach East Village Art district: An urban adventure!

By Craig Lowe


The East Village, is roughly located between Long Beach Boulevard on the west, Alamitos Avenue on the east,  Ocean Boulevard on the south and 7th Street on the north in  with the center being on Linden between 1st street and Broadway.LB Village MapLong Beach East Village Map Link

There is an Art Walk on the second Saturday of every month starting at 117 Linden Ave, Long Beach from 4 to 10 pm. But if you want, you can print out this map by going to the link above then go at your leisure to see the wall murals, museums and art.

Sir Richard and I found 2 hour free parking on Atlantic Blvd  just North Broadway (there’s plenty around during the week).  If you prefer a paid lot, they run $4-$15.

Link to LB East Village local information

Although we were wandering around on our own, you can start on Linden.  The first picture above is on the west side of Linden just north of 117 Linden.

As you move down paths and alleys between building enjoy the paintings from the classic to the avant garde.  Use the map to plan your journey; or, you can do like us and get pleasantly lost.

We turned this way and that with no plan,  just enjoying the moment.  Trekking down one side street we found a private urban garden.  There were people there and they gave us permission to explore.

As we moved on through this eclectic venue I found the contrast between the urban village and the big city skyline interesting.2017 06 10_Polish Festival LB_2149_edited-1

Enjoying an adventure close to  home won’t break the bank.  Long Beach has good public transportation that run often.  If you haven’t thought about about getting a Senior Tap card, I would recommend it. If you are already down there, the transit office is on the corner of 1st street and Pine avenue about two city blocks away.

Link to Sr Tap card application

Another art form down here I find interesting is the architecture.


Happy Trekking!  Craig Lowe




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