Crimes of the Heart offers colorful Southern personalities

The kitchen of the small-town home of never-seen character Old Granddaddy is the setting for “Crimes of the Heart” by Beth Henley.  Three sisters grew up in this house of their grandparents after the suicide of their mother, and have made various messes of their lives ever since.

Two of the women have remained in Hazlehurst, Mississippi. The unmarried eldest, Lenny, is feeling mighty old on her 30th birthday at the opening of the play.

The youngest Babe has just shot her husband in the stomach. Too bad, because she was aiming for his heart.

Middle sister Meg returns from Hollywood, after an unsuccessful attempt at a singing career. The play follows the complicated ins and outs of their love lives, as well as the dark family history they share.

It explores their colorful personalities. The action provides pathos, insight into the human heart, and hilarity.

In the finest tradition of Southern humor, the play pokes gentle fun at small town mores. It also studies mild mental illness, familial quirks, and exaggerated reactions to the disappointments and crises of every life.

In 1981, Beth Henley was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and the New York Drama Critics Circle Award for Best American Play for “Crimes of the Heart.” It would be a misdemeanor for any theater-lover to miss this play which runs at International City Theatre through June 25.

Ticket Prices

  • Thu., Fri.: $47
  • Sat., Sun.: $49
  • Groupon is offering orchestra seats for $29-$30.

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