Last Day For the Garden Grove Strawberry Festival. Come and feel like a kid again in a place with a small town festive environment .


Strawberry Festival



Even Sir Rich felt like a kid again as we explored this venue.

Miss Garden Grove along with Garden Groves’ 2016 and 2017 Women of the year were there.  Also Miss Teen Garden Grove and Her princes in waiting greeted us.

Even though Garden Grove is a cosmopolitan City it still retains that small town warmth.

But I digress.  You’re looking for something to do today that is reasonably priced and fun.  I think this covers that objective.

The classics are all there for you to ride and reminisce over.  Maybe that first kiss from the back of two carousel horses;2017 05 26_Strawberry Fest GG 17_2002 or, a walk down the mid-way, getting cotton candy, popcorn, or Strawberry’s on Strawberry pound cake smothered in whip-cream (Strawberry Royal).

Maybe you remember taking your kids and letting them experience a carnival for the first time.

Whether you’ve come for excitement or relaxing enjoyment you will find it here among some of the most pleasant people I’ve run into.

 And while your here, maybe walking to or from you car,  take a look around.  It’s is truly a beautiful community.

Hope You get there!  Craig Lowe


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