Holland Festival is a big family picnic for Dutch in Long Beach

Join us for the annual Holland Festival – the oldest and largest family & friends picnic in California, celebrating our Dutch heritage. On Sunday, May 28, the Gemmrig park in Long Beach will once again be the venue for the Annual Holland Festival.

This  will be the 26th year that the Dutch community comes together. Friends and families of up to four generations have their reunion. Most of the people have roots in the Netherlands and the former Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) and will gather to celebrate their shared heritage.

People spend the whole day in the park where they have claiming their little space with their picnic blankets, folding chairs and gather around, sharing stories, laughter, listening and dancing to familiar Dutch and Indo Rock music. Another important reason why people keep coming are the traditional Dutch and Indonesian foods.

When you ate enough you can either decide to burn off some of those calories on the dance floor or by strolling along the many vendor booths selling clothing, arts, crafts and many other things. Children always have a great time in the two bouncy houses.

Due to stricter rules by the park, the organization will not allow any  alcoholic beverages and food to be brought into the venue. This will be strictly enforced. As always, there will be a beer stand and plenty of food booths inside. The doors open at 10 am, and it is encouraged to get your food as early as possible.

The organization is still looking for volunteers to assist on the day of the event. In return the volunteers are granted free entrance for a minimum  of a 3 hours shift. To sign up, send an e-mail to info@dutch-day.com.

For online tickets (move faster in line) go here


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