Came for the Cars but stayed for the Muck

The Muckenthaler Motor Car Festival was located on the beautiful 8.5 acre Muckenthaler Cultural Center on Malvern Ave one block west of Euclid in Fullerton.


I came for the “Concours D’ Elegance” but found so much more.

Some a blast from my past.

Some remembrances of times when I used to camp and travel with the family and friends.

And other things just interesting.


The house that Walter and Adella built in 1924 is now a museum thanks to Harold, there son, who founded the Muckenthaler Cultural Center in 1965.  The Center has many facets that serve the community and can be found by clicking here Website for Muckenthaler Cultural Center.  Many quality events are hosted at the Center monthly.  One of my favorites is  the Alley Cats (an acapella  group that sings ’50s do wop) and they are coming in June.

Maybe I’ll see you there!    Craig Lowe


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