It’s a Festival and it’s all Greek to Me!

Come shop, dance, eat, drink, and enjoy an  Orange County Greek Festival at Saint Johns Greek Orthodox Church in Anaheim on Dale just north of Lincoln.   There is free parking and shuttle service at the south east parking lot on Dale just south of La Palma Ave at the Buena Park Downtown Walmart.  Dale will be busy so Sir Rich recommends you get to the parking area another way.  The map here should help you make a decision.   Our sneaky way was to go up Stanton Ave and cut through the back of the Buena Park Mall.

Walmart Parking

The price of admission is a staggering 3 dollars but for those of us that have reached the mature age of 65 and beyond it’s free.  Kids under 12 are free too.  Oh, and I guess they’ll let military, police, and firemen in for free with ID’s also.  Those Greeks are pretty nice aren’t they?

The shopping is uniquely Greek from Olive Oil to distinct jewelry.  Handmade soap and olive wood carving are also available but the eyes have it.

Yes you can buy an “evil eye”  that’s supposed keep you safe from curses and evil spells.  It’s an Eastern Mediterranean good luck charm.  I goes along with my four leaf clover, rabbits foot, lucky penny, and lucky horseshoe.

Enjoy the Music and Dancing and when you’re tired try some of the Greek cuisine.

Take the opportunity to tour  the Church.2017 05 19_1791_edited-1

2017 05 19_1814_edited-2

Enjoy!  Craig Lowe


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