We loved the Heritage of Aloha Festival in Santa Fe Springs this weekend

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Aloha! Enjoy the hospitality of the islands this weekend May 20, 21 at Heritage Park in Santa Fe Springs. The Heritage of Aloha Festival runs from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday.

Entry and parking is FREE! Proceeds benefit Southern California community groups who are committed to sharing our unique island heritage.

We got there a little after 11 a.m. Saturday and parking was almost all gone. Be sure to read the street signs, so you don’t get a nasty ticket. Fortunately, someone pulled out and we got a great space near the entrance.

The two-day Polynesian festival is right off the 605 freeway at the Telegraph Road exit, just minutes from Orange County. This hoʻolauleʻa (celebration) features an outdoor cultural marketplace, island cuisine, workshops and continuous Hawaiian and Polynesian music & dance on a big outdoor stage.

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I love the hula dancing, which filled the stage continuously throughout our visit. Women of all ages took the stage in colorful costumes, telling Polynesian stories through their graceful movements. Even a couple guys did an interesting interpretation of hula.

I have to admit the young women in their beautiful outfits really caught everyone’s eye. Lime green, orange, blue, they mocked the beautiful tropical flowers on the stage.

And the coconut bras were amazing. How do they find one to fit, let alone stay on. Especially, while rotating their hips at breakneck speeds. They are really something to see and appreciate!

We couldn’t believe they set aside seating under a canopy for seniors 65 years of age and older. While it was easily in the 90s, the gentle breeze and shade made the it quite comfortable with a great view of the stage. Thanks!!!

We spend a little time shopping around the many vendors available at the festival. The jewelry and clothing was very nice. Great place to get some Hawaiian presents for the rest of the year!

Got a big appetite? We had to sample the macadamia chocolate chip cookies. And the teriyaki plate for $7 from our friends in Rowland Heights almost had enough chicken to feed the four of us!

Naturally it came with a nice scoop of macaroni salad, yum! As well as two scoops of white rice.

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Unfortunately, it filled us up so we didn’t compete in the Spam musubi eating contest at 12:15 p.m. I expected giant Samoans to take the stage and crush the competition. But all the contestants were average size! Including two brave young women who jumped into the competition.

They had to eat four Spam musubi items. The first to finish was the winner.

2017 05 20_Aloha Festival_1847_edited-1There’s still plenty to see today and tomorrow. 2015 ʻUkulele Contest Winner Lisa Lee will be performing on Saturday at 3:30 p.m!

There’s a free ukulele workshop at 4 p.m.And Kanileʻaʻs Islander ʻUkulele Contest will be held 1:15 p.m. Sunday.

Listen to her track from California 808 using her Kanileʻa ʻukulele or find her on YouTube @ UkuLise, then join us in Santa Fe Springs to see her incredible talents LIVE!

Saturday schedule

10:00 am  Madison Makanaokahaku Scott
10:45 am  ‘Āina Creations ‘Ukulele & Hula ‘Ohana
11:30 am  Hula Hālau Nā Hua ‘o Maile
12:15 pm  Da Hawaiian Kitchen’s Spam Musubi Eating Contest
1:15 pm  Aloha Hula Dance Studio
2:15 pm  Hitia o Te Ra Polynesian Dance Studio
3:30 pm  ‘Ukulele Stylings of Lise Lee & Emi Lee
4:15 pm  Glory of Paradise
5:15 pm  Autie Geri Kuhia & Friends

Sunday schedule

10:00 am  Saddleback Hula Ministry’s Ka ‘Ohana Ho’onani
10:45 am  Nā Hoa o ka Hale Kanu
11:30 am  Kuhai Hālau o Kalā’alohiikamakaokalaua’e
12:15 pm  Le Polynesia
1:15 pm    Kanile’a’s Islander ‘Ukulele Contest
1:45 pm    Huli ‘Ukulele Group
2:15 pm    Hālau Hula a Kawika lāua ‘o Leinani
3:15 pm    Aolani Kaeka Preuss & Kaleleonālani
4:00 pm    Nonosina

​Mahalo to event emcees, Kamaka Brown & Pualilia Hernandez, as well as the entire SIN Krew at the Sandwich Islands Network for supporting the festival and all of our polynesian communities across the Big Island of America! Tune in to www.v93fm.com for a LIVE broadcast of the 2017 Heritage of Aloha Festival!



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