The Renaissance Pleasure Fair Ends May 21st.

Come and enjoy The Original Renaissance Pleasure Fair  in Irwindale.  Think of this as a mini vacation and a journey back in time.  Many people dress the part and join in the experience.  Most of the musicians play period instruments: lutes, harpsichord, dulcimers,  along with various woodwinds and horns.   2017 05 13_1580_edited-12017 05 13_1579_edited-1

Enjoy the magic of the music and the singing.  If you’re curious ask the musicians about there instruments.  Maybe buy a CD of  something you find enjoyable.

There is something for everyone including a course in human relations Renaissance style.

When you get hungry, thirsty are both you’ll find food and drink to please any palate. 2017 05 13_1594_edited-1

So grab a Turkey leg, Ale, Mead, water, and/or soft-drink.

The many shows throughout the day will keep you entertained.  One I found was a local group, Sportive Tricks,  that knew most every drinking song you could imagine plus regular repertoire.  They would liven up any party.2017 05 13_1586_edited-2 There was a variety of entertainment from strolling minstrels,  jugglers, and puppeteers, to stage shows for all taste.  2017 05 13_1584_edited-1

Take time to see the Birds of Prey show.  It’s a little more wild then the ones you see in animal parks and zoo.

I hope you find some time to step back in time.  Enjoy the adventure!  Craig Lowe

Come one, call all to her Majesty’s Renaissance Pleasure Faire


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