Bolsa Chica Wetlands. A little serenity.


I’m always looking for places to walk that are interesting and close.  The Bolsa Chica Wetlands serve this purpose well.  Just a crossed PCH from Bolsa Chica Beach it’s an easy destination with free parking.  One entrance is on Warner Ave just as you turn off PCH and the other is down PCH a few miles (You will have to make a U turn if you’re are coming from the north). Bolsa Chica Wetlands

2017 04 26_1162_edited-1

From either entrance you take the paths that goes over a bridge and parallels the hwy .  A myriad of birds will keep you company and entertain during your walk. When you get close to center, turn inland on the path that follows the bluffs. Here you will find some unique landscape.

In someways it becomes a little dark and haunting so if you have a mind for photography or writing you might find some inspiration here on this road, or path, less traveled.

                                                                     by Craig Lowe


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