More mysteries to explore at CSULB. Whats growing there?

Among trees, plants, and manicured lawns there are other things growing.  Miraculous things.  What are these things?  Minds!  Talent!, Ideas!, and creativity!  2017 04 17_1114_edited-1By Alice Andreini

On upper east campus there are on going art displays, each in their own little gallery.  Each gallery represents a artist’s  works.

I had the opportunity to speak to a couple of the artist and get an insight into their works.  One young gentleman,  Jacob Hogan, told me how in his early life he worked with his father and relatives on rebuilding vehicles.  He developed a passion for this and started restoring more classic vehicles with friends and on his own.  He expanded into fabrication and using math, metals and science he now creates his own unique works of art.2017 04 17_1113_edited-2


Another young artist, Shannon Leith, was working in the performing art of experiencing food from buying, preparation in different ways,  and eating at different times of the day. Today she was covering this process with the sweet potato.  I wish I could have stayed for her presentation because in any performing art it’s the experience that gives it meaning and understanding.

Yes there are beautiful things growing on California State University at Long Beach campus and for everyone you can see there’s 100’s more you can’t.   Students are learning, growing, becoming accomplished in their chosen endeavors.

The opportunity to walk among all these beautiful things is worth the experience.

Mysteries are there to discover!  Enjoy!   Craig Lowe



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