A road less traveled

What is the road less traveled.  Sometimes it’s a philosophical statement referring to the moral or ethical “High Road”.  To others it’s thinking outside the box.  To me, most times,  it’s actually taking a road less traveled.

In this adventure my wife and I actually did just that.   After leaving the Poppy fields in Lancaster/Antelope Valley, driving east back toward the main freeway (14), we came to a junction.  We turned north down a two lane road deciding we’d take it until it dead ended or “T”d.  We found more Poppies and wildflowers as beautiful as fields that everyone goes to.

One other unexpected pleasure was finding a winery.  A winery in the high desert?  A winery out in the middle of nowhere?  Yep!  It’s the Chavez Cellars winery  Chavez Cellars winery.  Senior Chavez, the vintner happened to be in and was gracious enough to let us taste some of his products.   After great libations, conversation and buying more than a few bottles, we moved on to our next destination (a little wine can almost make a poet out of anybody, eh!).

We continued driving north and east doglegging right and left till we ended up back on Hwy 14 north.  We then continued up Hwy 395 to Lone Pine and the Alabama Hills where we stayed for the night.   Again this is one of the drive thru places you always say your going to comeback and explore (and very rarely do). So to me it really qualifies as “Roads Less Traveled.”  We all have these places we say we want to come back and see.  This is how I started to create my list of “Roads Less Traveled.”

After stopping here and there to take pictures we finally got to Lone Pine.  What’s interesting is that the Alabama Hills (west toward the Whitney portal) with its unique rock formation is a site for shooting scenes for movies, TV shows and commercials.  Maybe that’s why it looks so familiar.

The area is popular with rock and mountain climbers, as well as campers and photographers.  It’s also a destination point for those climbing Mt. Whitney or entering Death Valley from the north.

The restaurants are a classic rugged western style and the food is good.

More to come.  If you have a “Roads less Traveled”  destination, please share.

Thanks for following!     Craig Lowe


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