Autry Museum of American West offers free admission on Tuesday

The Autry Museum of the American West in Griffith Park offers free admission on the second Tuesday of every month, thanks to Wells Fargo with support from Sony Pictures Entertainment. So check it out tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thanks!


About the Exhibition

Western Frontiers: Stories of Fact and Fiction is a new exhibition that illuminates the sweep of American Western history through its definitive artifact: the firearm.

The examples featured—by iconic manufacturers such as Remington, Colt, Smith & Wesson, and Winchester, among others—are some of the finest specimens of the gun maker’s art, in terms of historic value, provenance, and pure beauty, that have ever been brought together in the United States.

The exhibition explores the many roles guns have played in the history of the West, from the opening of the frontier in the late eighteenth century through television Westerns in the middle of the twentieth century. Themes explored include hunting and trapping, the impact of technology on firearms, the conservation movement, and the West in popular culture.

From the Colt and Winchester firearms Teddy Roosevelt used in the West, to Annie Oakley’s gold-plated handguns with pearl grips, to a Remington revolver once owned by Gettysburg hero General George Meade, this evolving display reflects the real and imagined stories behind the people who owned those guns.

The exhibition also features historical documents, artworks, and artifacts, including Winchester advertisement lithographs, colored-glass target spheres used in sharp-shooter demonstrations, and a gun belt once owned by actor Steve McQueen, all of which place the firearms in a rich cultural and historic context.


Check out the most transformative project in the Autry’s nearly 30-year history! Through immersive storytelling and nearly 20,000 square feet of gallery and garden spaces, California Continued shares how traditional ecological knowledge gained through centuries of experience can help present-day residents understand and care for the California environment.

Two new exhibition galleries present extraordinary art, artifacts, and personal ephemera, including many objects from the Southwest Museum of the American Indian Collection on view for the very first time!

Beyond the galleries, a new ethnobotanical garden features more than 60 Native plants and activities that explore how generations of peoples, especially First Californians, have made use of plants and water.

Connecting and complementing each of the experiences, a dual-screen projection room reveals landscapes and close-ups across California, from deserts to the coasts.


The Autry’s Journeys Gallery explores the people and events that changed the West in the second half of the nineteenth century.

Displaying unique historical artifacts from the Autry and Southwest Museum collections, the gallery highlights several diverse Native cultures living in the West and the stories of people who traveled West amidst revolutions in transportation and technology.


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