Power of Wind on Water. Congressional Cup!

Sailors, especially racers, are a unique and rare breed.  Men and Women who are in this sport are as strong as the ocean they sail on and the wind that carries them forward.  Most sailing races of larger boats are hard to see because they take place in deep water off shore.  The Congressional Cup is a rare opportunity to see this type of sailing in action because it takes place off of the Belmont pier in Long Beach; and, because the Long Beach Yacht Club has a fleet of matched hull vessels,  some of the best sailor come from all over the world to sail in this race.

People think this is like watching golf and in away it is; but, there are real dangers in this sport.  The boats are heavy and even what seem like a gentle nudge can cause heavy damage.  Booms can break loose, mast can crack,  sails and lines can tear loose, and Sailors get hurt.  Other times the wind is so calm that it takes finesse to move a boat forward.  Brain and brawn are required by each of the crew; and, what seems like chaos is carefully choreograph moves, practiced over and over by well seasoned racers.

Congressional Cup offers exciting sailing action off Belmont Pier

Take this opportunity see some racing up close (or as close as you can get).  Sunday (4/2/17) you can see this from the Belmont pier.  Take binoculars, a camera, and maybe a windbreaker.                                                                                               Enjoy!  Craig Lowe


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