There be Beasties among the wild flowers out on the desert

From Lancaster through Death Valley south to Anza Borrego the wild flowers are coming to bloom.  But lurking around Borrego Springs there are other entities you should lookout for; yes, large iron monsters!

There are 133 of these works of Art in and around Borrego Springs all the created by artist Ricardo Breceda.

My favorite version of this road trip is go down to Temecula; stop for lunch, then east on hwy 79. Stop for wine and cheese at one of the wineries.  As you drive keep your eyes open for mysteries on the hilltops.  Continue on and you will come to a place on the left side of the road so compelling you will have to pull over.  You’ll know it when you see it.  Sculpture Hwy 79

Linger among Ricardo’s works for awhile then continue on till you reach the turnoff for Borrego Springs (Left San Felipe Rd then left on Montezuma Rd, s-22, towards Ranchita

When you get to Borrego Springs the Chamber of Commerce and some of the novelty shops  should have free maps to the Sculptures.

More Beasties of Borrego

This little trip is truly where the journey is as fun as the destination.

Enjoy!  Craig  Lowe (ACLowe)   IMG_3999_edited-2




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