Good times roll at Mardi Gras parade

Everyone enjoyed the festive spirit at the Mardi Gras parade in Long Beach on Saturday. Most enjoyed hamming it up for the crowds and the cameras.

There’s something about the Mardi Gras atmosphere that makes you want to throw on a crazy costume and have some FUN! So we threw on our favorite jester outfit (we have a couple) to join the royal court at the parade along the Rainbow Harbor.

The royal court couldn’t have been nicer. Accepting me as their court jester and welcoming me to the afternoon festivities. We gathered next to the Aquarium of the Pacific, taking our assigned position in the popular procession.

Actually, it was a great family event. With lots of costumed characters for the kids to enjoy. They loved the red Star Wars stormtrooper with the giant boom box. I’m glad Darth Vader wasn’t there to see!

There was also a nice contingent of pirates on hand, a necessarily evil when you live in a busy port city. But even they seemed to be on their best behavior, hardly robbing anyone along the route which wound from the aquarium to Shoreline Village.

The Rocky Mountain Horror group was a blast, occasionally stopping to “Let’s Do the Time Warp Again.” They certainly looked and danced the part!

Naturally, the Joker from the local comic store was all smiles. His grin was contagious, making we want to crack a smile myself.


The event was made even more popular the scantily dressed women brave enough to come out on a cool, cloudy day by the sea shore. The Brazilian dancers certainly heated things up when they started dancing!

I found I couldn’t walk as fast as they could dance, must have been those long legs! I tried to keep up but they left me panting (you figure out why)!

Adults and children alike loved to catch the beads thrown to them. It gave them all a little souvenir to take home with them.

The fun continued at Shoreline Village, where many Mardi Gras activities had been planned. I ran into several tables of newfound friends at the local taverns. We shared a toast to the Mardi Gras season and promised to meet again next year.

I’ll be easy to find, I’ll be the fool!



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